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What are Real Ear Measurements?

What are Real Ear Measurements?

You may have been hearing the term “Real Ear Measurements” or just “Real Ear” more and more frequently when it comes to hearing aid fittings. Simply put, Real Ear Measurements are a way for audiologists to verify that hearing aids are amplifying sound appropriately for an individual patient’s hearing loss. In order to do this, a small microphone is placed in the ear canal with the hearing aid to take an accurate measurement. Using this technology is considered a “best practice” in audiology, because it is the only way to ensure that the hearing aids are fit appropriately for each patient.

As audiologists, we are happy to see an increased awareness of best practices in audiology. This can help ensure that patients are receiving the highest level of hearing healthcare, and help to avoid providers who are not following best practices. At Evolution Hearing, Real Ear Measurements are used with every hearing aid fitting to verify the devices are providing clarity and are customized for you.

But what exactly is a Real Ear Measurement? The video below, created by Dr. Cliff Olsen, an audiologist in Arizona, does a great job of explaining exactly what to expect and why Real Ear is so important!


Of course, the best way to know exactly what Real Ear Measurements are is to experience this verification technology for yourself! Please call Evolution Hearing at our Charlottesville, VA location, 434-260-8007, at our Raleigh, NC location, 919-670-3258, or at our Richmond, VA location, 804-215-0001 to schedule an appointment today.