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Do you suffer from listening fatigue?

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If you regularly feel exhausted despite how much sleep you get, have you considered hearing loss as a possible cause?

You may not immediately think “hearing loss” when you think of “fatigue”, but if you suffer from hearing loss listening fatigue is a real issue. People with normal hearing don’t realize how exhausting and frustrating it is to live with hearing loss. When you have moderate hearing loss you generally only hear 50% of what is said, which means you have to fill in the gaps with a combination of lip reading, context clues and guessing. That is a lot of work for your brain to do all day long.

Listening fatigue is a very common problem among hard-of-hearing individuals. According to the department of Psychology at the University of California Berkeley, listening fatigue is due to the extra mental work hard-of-hearing people must do to get through the day. In fact, a survey done by the Danish Institute for Social Research found that as many as one in five people who suffer from hearing loss give up on the job market, and for those that do work, almost 15% are so tired by the end of the work day they have no energy left for leisurely pursuits.

How Hearing Aids Can Help

There is good news. Hearing aids help to drastically reduce the energy needed for those hard-of-hearing. Because hearing aids help restore the sounds missed with hearing loss, the brain uses less energy trying to figure out what people are saying. Most of our patients tell us that once they were fit with hearing devices, they had more energy at the end of the day and didn’t feel as wiped out after loud outings, such as going out to eat in a noisy restaurant. Modern day hearing aids now come with features that isolate and amplify the sounds you want to hear while significantly reducing the noises you don’t want to hear.

Next Steps

If you aren’t sure you need a hearing aid, seeing an audiologist will help you make the decision. You may not be ready for a hearing aid, but you won’t know until you see a specialist. A proper hearing test will help you determine if a hearing aid can help improve your energy levels and your overall well being.
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