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Signs Your Hearing Aid Needs Repair | Evolution Hearing


Numerous people all over the world rely on hearing aids. As beneficial as they are, they do have a tendency to wear down over time. Pay attention to the warning signs so that you never have to be without your hearing aid for a single second.

Volume fluctuates – You should be able to adjust the volume on your hearing aid so that you can listen to something at an appropriate level. If something seems off, such as you want to turn your hearing aid down but something is still extremely loud, then an internal problem may be developing.
Feedback – Hearing constant feedback is another common problem. The source of this issue could be a number of things. It might mean your aid was not properly fitted when you first got it. The only way to be certain is to take your device to a professional to be looked at.

As soon as you start experiencing problems, you should attempt to find a solution quickly. Sometimes the issue will just be something minor that is easy to handle. For example, sometimes ear wax gets stuck in the aid, so it simply needs to be cleaned. Other times, components within the hearing aid are worn-out. Whatever problems you are having, call Evolution Hearing in Charlottesville at 434-260-8007 to get more information related to your device.