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5on Google,Nov 29, 2017
Patricia Held

I highly recommend them to anyone needing their hearing checked or thinking about getting or replacing their hearing aides. Dr. Bulen is and excellent doctor. She's very kind, professional, and works with you to get you what you need. I can't say enough about her or her staff. They are very kind and work to find you the best appt. for you. Give them a try and see if you don't agree.

3on Google,Nov 20, 2017
madhu shah

Evolution hearing solution is a nice, clean place located on falls of Neuse in Raleigh. Has Two parking spots are in front office. This office has a receptionist who checks your appointment. Audiologist Ashli is good and passion with her work. Takes time to understand the hearing difficulties and explains the solutions. Though the machine she suggested was good but very expensive.

5on Facebook,Oct 26, 2017
Arva Whittaker

If you haven't gotten you hearing checked in a year, please take a moment and schedule an appointment with evolution HEARing. I did, and I'm glad I did. Dr. Bulen educated me to the possible effects of aging and hearing. I am glad to know my hearing hasn't deteriorated to the point of needing surgery or enhancements. However, I have been shown the necessity of checking my hearing just as I do my eyes, mouth, and body. PREVENTION is the key, and evolution HEARing is the place to get started.

5on Google,Oct 12, 2017
Charles Flourny

My wife & I met with Dr. Ashley Bulen. Before and after she performed our hearing tests, she explained everything to us in a clear understandable language. To be perfectly honest, I thought she was going to try and persuade us to purchase something. Boy was I WRONG. In fact, she told my wife and I that our hearing is very good ( we are both 68 yrs old ). She wants us to come back in a year to have our hearing checked again at no cost to us. Dr. Bulen was professional and had a great "bedside manner". I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Bulen and evolution HEARing.

5on Facebook,Sep 14, 2017
Starr Palmore

5on Facebook,Sep 06, 2017
Johnny Forbes

Appreciated the free hearing exam & it was done with much detail, I will be returning when necessary. Thank you Dr. Koch!

5on Facebook,Jul 26, 2017
Margie Jones Donkel

I had a great experience at Evolution Hearing! Dr. Lindbergh did my testing and thoroughly and completely explained the results and possible options. I also have tinnitus, and it has become more manageable as a result of these visits. Dr. Lindbergh is knowledgeable and professional, as well as friendly and kind. I highly recommend Evolution Hearing.

5on Google,Jun 27, 2017
Janice Sears

Great Audiologist--I had no idea what I was missing!

5on Facebook,Apr 06, 2017
George Callaway

All visits to evolution HEARing 2297 Seminole Lane Charlottesville have been excellent. Staff were friendly and great. Kristin Koch has been the best. Wife and I were very impressed with Kristin's professionalism. Kristin's thorough examination, explanation and recommendation impressed us. I,m very satisfied. George Callaway

5on Facebook,Nov 24, 2016
Jadwiga Zerda

Visited recently Raleigh office! Very professional and friendly staff. Recommend to everyone!

5on Google,Oct 19, 2016
Whit Lee

Dr Lentz-Barker was very professional and knowledgeable in dealing with my hearing issues. I have been happy with my devices and I would recommend her highly.

5on Google,Sep 25, 2016
Matthew Caupp

I went in for the free hearing test and was extremely satisfied with my experience. My appointment was scheduled within a few days of me calling in, which is very nice in todays world of waiting weeks for care. Upon arrival, I was pleased to find a very nice office with a professional staff that served me promptly. My exam was very thorough and absolutely free! I would definitely recommend Evolution Hearing to anyone who has audiology needs.

5on Facebook,Sep 12, 2016
Gohan Goten Halim

I had a really great expense at this location everyone there was great.

5on Google,Sep 09, 2016
Patsy Norman

To be honest, I do not write reviews on anything. This is a first for me because I sincerely want everyone to know what an exceptional Dr. and individual Saranne is. I have experienced hearing loss in my left ear for some time. I saw several different Doctors over a period of time and after testing they all recommended hearing aids. I decided I had to do something and made an appointment with Dr. Saranne Lentz-Barker after receiving a mailer from her. Boy did I get lucky!! After talking to me at length, testing and evaluation she informed me that I could possibly regain my hearing by having a surgical procedure done. She put me in contact with Dr. Cunningham at Duke. I have had the surgery and I can hear again. It's like a miracle. She has also taken the time to call me several times to inquire regarding my decision, recovery and well being. How many Doctors do you know that will go this extra mile? Needless to say I am eternally grateful.

5on Google,Aug 26, 2016
Alice Irby

I had a very good experience in the Raleigh office of Evolution Hearing today. I was seen by Dr. Lentz-Barker, who was very professional, competent and helpful. The receptionist was friendly and treated me with respect. I recommend them to you.

5on Google,Aug 09, 2016
John Sullivan

I really appreciated the knowledge of Saranne, the audiologist and the assistance which she provided. She listened well to my needs, accurately analyzed my issue, and provided a cost effective solution. I recommend evolution HEARing without reservation

5on Google,Aug 05, 2016
melissa jessen

Dr. Barker was the answer to my prayers. I had been encouraging my husband to have his hearing checked for years but, when he finally acknowledged he might have a problem, he responded to a mailing we had received and scheduled an appointment. We both went to his hearing evaluation and were so impressed with Dr. Barker's professional demeanor and personal touch. She diplomatically confirmed his hearing loss and fit him for hearing aids which are so perfect, he is not the least self conscious about wearing them. What won me over was when she confided that the Widex aids he selected were the ones she had recommended for her father. We both HIGHLY recommend Dr. Saranne Lentz-Barker. David and Melissa Jessen

5on Facebook,Jul 26, 2016
Christian Perry

ROCKin'teriors recently contacted Evolution Hearing for baseline hearing tests for our production team. We are a natural stone fabricator that works with loud cutting machines. David, the Patient Care Coordinator was prompt and enthusiastic to set up hearing healthcare appointments to help us take care of our team. Dr. Saranne Lentz-Baker met with each of our guys and provided them with excellent care and evaluation. The entire process was simple, friendly and very professional. We will definately go back for our future healthcare hearing check ups. Thank you Evolution Hearing for taking such good care of our team. ROCKin'teriors

5on Google,Jul 26, 2016
Chris Kime

Very professional and knowledgeable. Hearing aids they sell are excellent and would recommend to anyone. Thank-you for all your assistance this past year!

5on Facebook,Jul 17, 2016
Lindsey Beck

Dr. Susanne Lentz-Barker is wonderful! I took my mother-in-law to see her for a hearing evaluation after seeing her at the Senior Center in Garner. She was absolutely the best with her - professional, patient, puts her patients at total ease, and takes the time to explain everything perfectly. I highly recommend her.

5on Facebook,Jun 23, 2016
Miriam Corcoran

A wonderful experience. Phonak Audeo V, Phonak Cros II, Phonak Com Pilot II, TV Link. The Cross II wireless transmitter sends sounds from the ear with no hearing to the ear with the Phonak Hearing Aid - Great! TV Link excellent sound using optical cable. Can be heard even in an adjoining room. Com Pilot II used with IPhone and TV. Volume can be controlled through an App on my IPad or IPhone. Hearing a speaker in a crowded room vastly improved. Thank you! Evolution Hearing.

5on Facebook,Jun 02, 2016
Ashley Kovacs

They were very friendly, patient, and flexible! Highly recommend for anyone who thinks they might have hearing loss!

5on Google,May 26, 2016
Gabriel Garcia

The staff was quick, courteous, and professional. After filling out the paperwork, I waited less than 5 minutes to ben seen and have an audiogram done. By far the quickest medical visit I have ever had.

5on Google,Apr 26, 2016
Annie M

Fantastic and efficient service. My appointment was booked within minutes and when I came in for my hearing test, the Doctor got me in right away and conducted a thorough exam in less than 15 minutes. I'd recommend this office to anyone with hearing related service needs :)

5on Facebook,Mar 30, 2016
Mary Lou Choate

Dr. Saranne Lenzt-Baker was very professional and helpful and spent a whole hour with my mother checking her hearing and then adjusting her hearing aid and discussing what we could do next. She ordered a new receiving wire for her hearing aid and we will see her again next week to see if that helps. We would highly recommend her. She takes her time and explains possible solutions with great care.