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Hearing Aid Fact from Fiction

woman, wearing a hearing aid, working on her laptop

Hearing and sight are arguably our two most important senses. Unfortunately, both of these senses start to fail us as we age. But we tend to react to each quite differently. People don’t have a problem treating their failed eyesight – just think about all of the people you know who wear glasses and contacts, or have even had Lasik surgery. When it comes to treating hearing loss, however, people aren’t in as much of a hurry, if it ever gets treated at all.

So what’s keeping us from treating hearing loss? The immediate impact of each impairment has something to do with it. You can’t drive, read or watch TV with impaired vision, but you can cope with hearing issues, at least temporarily. While the immediate impact of compromised hearing may seem fairly harmless, the long-term effect on quality of life is real and can be severe

The Perception of Hearing Aids

There are perceptions of hearing loss and hearing aids that just aren’t true. Advancements in science and technology have debunked a lot of the myths associated with hearing loss. Here are five of the most common hearing loss related myths.

Myth #1: There’s no treatment for hearing loss.

Fact: Hearing loss could be irreversible, and even if it isn’t, it can be helped. Hearing aids are the most recommended and effective treatment for hearing loss. Custom programmed by a trained professional, today’s hearing aids can help people with even severe hearing loss hear, thus improving their overall quality of life.

Myth #2: Your doctor will tell you if you need hearing aids.

Fact: Most general practitioners don’t have time to test for hearing loss. According to The Better Hearing Institute, as of 2017 only 23% of adults reported having their hearing screened during a physical exam.

Myth #3: Hearing aids are hard to use.

Fact: Hearing aids have come along way in just the past few years. Advancements in processing speeds and hearing science enable hearing aids to distinguish speech from noise, detect sound direction and adjust to specific environments automatically. Your hearing aids can be worn all day with little attention if they’ve been fitted and programmed by a hearing professional.

Myth #4: Hearing aids will make you stand out.

Fact: Today’s hearing aids are much more discreet than in the past. There are even types that can fit deep into your ear canal, making them invisible to others.

Myth #5: Hearing aids aren’t worth the trouble.

Fact: Hearing loss can have a significant negative impact on your quality of life. According to a study done by The National Council on the Aging (NCOA), untreated hearing loss has serious emotional and social consequences for seniors. You can read more about hearing loss and depression here: https://www.evolutionhearing.com/hearing-loss-depression-seniors/.

If you suffer from hearing loss, don’t let myths keep you from living your best life. Please call Evolution Hearing in Charlottesville, VA at 434-260-8007 or our Raleigh, NC location at 919-670-3258 today to see how we can help.