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Five Things an Audiologist Can Help You With


1196776-pic1Regular visits to your audiologist may not be high on your priority list. However, audiologists can provide a number of important services that can help you in ways you might not expect.

1. Hearing Tests

The first question an audiologist can answer is whether or not you need help. Audiologists are the most qualified option for getting an accurate and comprehensive hearing evaluation.

2. Hearing Aids

Once the severity of hearing loss is evaluated, audiologists can fit hearing aids. Tailored advice and follow up appointments can help you make the full adjustment.

3. Tinnitus

Ear ringing or other noise is a symptom of a variety of problems. Your audiologist can determine the cause and treatment for tinnitus and whether you need to be referred to other medical help.

4. Balance Problems

Audiologists can provide specific and accurate referrals to the specialist you need when you have difficulties with balance or dizziness.

5. Wax Removal

Seemingly serious problems such as hearing loss, ear pain, tinnitus or dizziness sometimes just need a little cleaning. Audiologists can provide safe and professional wax removal.
Taking the time to visit your audiologist can prevent simple ear or hearing issues from becoming serious. To learn more about how an audiologist can help you, call Evolution Hearing in Charlottesville at 434-260-8007.